Creating your own brand! I’ve been in the restaurant business my whole life. Started working for my father at age 10 and still working for the family business till this day. I graduated with a degree in Marketing at UNLV, and tried my hand as a Financial Advisor while still working nights at the restaurant. The cubical life wasn’t for me. I’ve always had a marketing mindset and always thought outside the box when it comes to promotion.

After taking an Academy of Spirits course at Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits back in the Spring of 2017, I wanted to create my own brand. I am a huge Bourbon nerd but that market was saturated. I loved the Amaro course at the Academy and realized how it was one of the fastest growing liquor categories in the industry. Being Italian and a bitter lover, why not!

After reading Brad Thomas Parsons book ‘Amaro,’ I was hooked. I spoke to a professor at UNLV’s Hospitality College who did Register Trademarks for other Hospitality individuals and started the process of creating ‘The Amaro Life,’ and getting it Federally Registered thought the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It took around 15 months to get the process fully completed. So what is next? Well, we are going to be designing some really cool ‘The Amaro Life’
t-shirts, videos, reviews, advertisements, and other informative information. Salute & Centanni!


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