Sother Teague, the famous owner, and barman of New York City’s famous Amaro bar ‘Amor y Amargo.’ Teague is one of the most knowledgeable resources when it comes to Amaro in the United States. If you didn’t know his bar is solely dedicated to Bitter liqueurs. (Link below)

In a recent article with Esquire Magazine “Everything You Need to Know About Amaro Liquors,” Teague said “There can be upwards of 40 ingredients in a single amaro. How many more is that than your last cocktail?”

This is the beauty of Amaro. Each bottle of Amaro so complex and unique in their own way brings out the best with citrus forward and whiskey-based cocktails in particular.

Sother Teague’s book “I’m Just Here for the Drinks”

Everything You Need to Know About Amaro Liquors


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