Every Amaro has its own unique flavor profile, story, ingredients, and regional flare.

Every time I taste and introduce people to Amaro dell’Erborista by Varnelli it reminds of me of Parliament Funkadelic’s song “Give Up the Funk!” This is one ‘Funky’ Amaro and in my Top 10 favorites. This Amaro is one of very few that is unfiltered and has a smokey quality to it. When tasting you get a lot of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood, and honey. The honey stands out as a sweetening agent to block out the strong bitterness of the sandalwood.

Amaro dell’Erborista is produced in the Sibillini Mountains in the Marche region in central Italy. The Founder Girolamo Varnelli, was a keen herbalist who started his business in 1968.

In closing, if you find this Amaro on the shelf….BUY IT!

Girolamo Farnelli founder of Varnelli Distillery

Below are some notes from the distillery….

From the Varnelli’s long herbal experience
This intriguing amaro is obtained from a decoction of herbs, roots and barks which are prepared over a wood fire. Only pure honey is used to sweeten this blend.

To the Eye
Tobacco colour with brick red shades, opaque, expressive.

To the Nose
It offers aromas of nearly stewed ripe fruit and sultana, with scents of gentian, rhubarb, sandalwood and honey.

On the Palate
Dry, bitter, warm. Its tannic structure is powerful: somewhat drying to the palate, it is countered by intense salivation at the side walls of the mouth. Hard notes due to acids and tannins are dominant.

Intense aroma of spices, rhubarb, sandalwood.Tonic persistence is also intense.



Varnelli Distillery


Parliament Funkadelic, “Give Up the Funk”

Amaro Photo Varnelli

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