An old dead Gangster can bring some inspiration, right? While I was watching the Thursday Las Vegas ESPN Radio Facebook Live video of Southern Glazers Wine and Spirits, J.R. Starkus’ weekly show had a fellow co-worker, Max Solano in which they spoke about using local honey in cocktails.

I’ve always loved a good Whiskey Sour. So I experimented with Cardamaro Vino Amaro, some Russells Reserve 10yr Bourbon, fresh lemon juice and Pahrump Valley raw honey as the sweetener.

The reason why I called it ‘Capone’s Whisky Sour’ is because Capone was known for bootlegging Whiskey and the Amaro for his Italian roots.

‘Capone’s Whiskey Sour’
-1.5oz Cardamaro Vino Amaro
-1.5oz Russells Reserve 10yr Bourbon
-.75oz fresh Lemon juice
-.5oz of local Raw Honey syrup (1/2 part water & 1/2 part raw honey)
-1/5th of a Lemon peel

Build the cocktail in a Boston shaker. After building add ice and shake for 15 seconds and strain in a Whiskey class with a square ice cube. Take a small peeler and peel a 1/5th of a lemon.


‘Capone’s Whiskey Sour’ Photo by Nick Palmeri, created by Nick Palmeri, Location: Gaetano’s Ristorante
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