When we think of Red we think of Blood, the Devil, Communism, and Campari.

Campari is in the classification of Amaro Aperitivo! The red from the Campari traditionally comes from the cochineal bug/beetle. In recent years they have been using dye.

My first experience of Campari wasn’t pleasant. My father gave me a sip as a teenager with a classic Campari Americano. One sip and I had the bitter look on my face for a good solid 30 seconds.

I revisited Campari when I was in college. My friend Jason who was a bartender introduced me to a Negroni Martini. I wasn’t sold on the flavor but appreciated the complexity. I am one who believes your taste buds evolve as you get older. Now I love bitter (Amaro).

A Campari based cocktail is a great opening drink for dinner. Also known as an Aperitivo. To open. The slight bitterness opens up your salivary glands thus creating a better tasting meal. Below are some great classic Campari cocktails and one that I tweaked from Anthony DeMaria who is the Campari Representative for Las Vegas (Sunrise Negroni), Aperitivo dishes, Books, articles and Social Media profiles to follow.

Campari Cocktails!
-1oz Campari
-1oz Gin
-1oz Vermouth Rosso
-On the Rocks or Martini Glass with a peeled Orange

-1oz Campari
-1oz Vermouth Rosso
-1oz Soda Water
-On the Rocks with an Orange slice

Sunrise Negroni:
-1.2 oz of Campari infused with Espresso Beans
-.8oz of Amaro Averna
-1oz of Vermouth Rosso

-1oz Campari
-1oz Rye Whiskey
-1oz Vermouth Rosso
-Served in a Coupe with a peeled Orange

-Negroni Spagliato:
1 oz. sweet vermouth
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. lightly sparkling wine
Tools: mixing spoon
Glass: rocks
Garnish: orange whee

-1oz Campari
-3oz of Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
-On Ice in a Tumbler Glass

Aperitivo Dishes:
-Potato Chips
-Mediteranean Olives
-Mini Tremanzino Sandwiches

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