You walk in a bar 15-20 years ago and all there was in regards to a bitter liqueur was Jaeger, Fernet-Branca and maybe a bottle of Campari that hadn’t been touched in 6 months.

The evolution of Amaro has come a long way, especially with the Craft Bartending/Mixology scene. With Amaro based Vermouths, bitter Aperitivo, and Amaro being such a great modify to whiskey and citrus based cocktails.

The internet, educational seminars, and the fact that Amaro is more accessible than ever especially when craft distillers in the United States are starting to produce it on a local level.

Below are some great resources on Amaro!

My friend Joe Cannella of Cannella Spirits of Reno, Nevada has a great website called…

Brad Thomas Parsons, Book on Amazon “Amaro”

Amy Stewarts, Book on Amazon “Drunken Botanist”

Amaro News

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